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VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop Products

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VELCRO® Hook and Loop Tapes

VELCRO® brand Hook & Loop Tape
All-purpose adhesive 
Hook & Loop from 5/8" to 4" in black and white.  Our best selling hook and loop!

VELCRO® brand Hook & Loop Tape "Sticky Back"
Quick-Stick Adhesive
Same material as "sticky back" found in home improvement stores.

Sew-on VELCRO® brand Hook & Loop Tape
Just Sew and Go!  This hook and loop material is exactly what its name implies.
TEXACRO® brand Hook & Loop Tape 
Low-cost alternative.  Quick stick rubber adhesive, with a lighter duty hook and loop material than VELCRO® brand.

VELCRO® Cable, Cord, and Wire management solutions

Also called double-sided VELCRO®.  Hook on one side, loop on the other.  More durable than Qwik-Tie, but more costly.

"Double sided VELCRO®" pre-cut into reusable straps.

 VELCRO® Qwik-Tie Rolls
Light-duty and cost-efficient recloseable material.

 VELCRO® Qwik-Tie Straps
Light-duty and cost-efficient recloseable material pre-cut in easy-to-use straps.

Other VELCRO® Products

 VELCRO® Coins
Coins, dots, and circles, kiss cut in rolls.  Buy as few as 100 coins!  Black and white.  More sizes available soon!

Elastic loop material.  Works well for fabricating straps and cinches. Requires hook material to complete fastening.

Iron-on (no-sew) hook and loop tape.


 VELCRO®  Hook 511/MVA#8
Molded hook product.  Provides a super strong fastening to a loop material.  Will have very few cycles.

Durable and reliable, VELCRO® hook and loop tape is versatile enough to create closures, fasteners and more. iTapeStore carries a wide selection of double-sided VELCRO® straps and tape that can be used in a variety of applications.

The VELCRO® hook and loop fasteners in our collection are available in several sizes, lengths and strengths. We carry double-sided ONE-WRAP straps, which are pre-cut into reusable strips, as well as rolls that afford you the ability to customize the length you need. Our light-duty VELCRO® Qwik-Tie rolls and straps are cost-effective solutions for small projects that don’t require the strong fastening power of standard hook and loop tape, including cable, cord and wire management.

Our selection also includes sew-on VELCRO® tape that holds fast under difficult circumstances. All the Velcro® brand hook and loop fasteners in our inventory are dependable and cost-effective, making them the right choice for most commercial and residential projects.