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1'' x 0.5'' SJ3560 Mated Cut Strips 3M° Dual lock° (Minimum 200)
Mated strips of Clear VHB SJ3560 Dual Lock

1'' x 0.5'' SJ3560 Mated Cut Strips 3M° Dual lock° (Minimum 200)

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- By the Mated Strip
Made-to-order item — Up to 3 days to ship.

  • Clear stems with a clear 3M™ VHB adhesive
  • Adhesive backing is indoor/outdoor, avoid use on powder coated metals and low surface energy plastics such as polyethylene
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Type 250 (250 stems/inch) Mated Strip Set - Mated to Type 250
  • Engaged thickness 0.22''

3M™ Dual lock™ is different than traditional hook & loop products. The molded, mushroom shaped heads, ''snap'' together to form a bond several times stronger. SJ3560 has a clear version of 3M™ advanced Very High Bond (VHB™) adhesive in the back of clear stems. This product will hold up very well to UV exposure. It's most commonly known use is to hold up toll transponders (such as EZpass, IPass, Sun Pass and many more).

This product is a ''Type 250'' which means it has around 250 stems per square inch. It will ''mate'' to itself and Type 170 and Type 400 3M™ Dual lock™. When mating to Type 170, there will be less of a grip, with 400, it will be tighter. Most applications will work the type 250 with the added ease of only having to keep track of one ''type'' of 3M™ Dual lock™. Please make to test your specific applications, as the information provided is only a general guideline. 

If you have questions on our Cut-To-Size Services, contact us or forward your dimensions, quantity and material to [email protected] for an estimate.

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