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3M™ 9719 By the Yard - Electrically Conductive Double-Sided Tape
3M™ 9719 By the Yard - Electrically Conductive Double-Sided Tape

3M™ 9719 By the Yard - Electrically Conductive Double-Sided Tape

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3M's XYZ-Axis Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9719 is a silicone adhesive, isotropically conductive pressure sensitive tape. Tape 9719 conducts electricity through the thickness (Z-axis) and in the plane of the adhesive (X, Y planes) and is suitable for low surface energy (LSE*) EMI/RFI shield and EMI/RFI gasket attachments to metal surfaces. The tape consists of a high performance, low surface energy 3M adhesive loaded with conductive fibers. The result is a double-sided tape providing both good adhesion and good electrical performance. The conductive fibers in tape 9719 also provide improved handling characteristics.

XYZ-Axis Electrically Conductive tape 9719 is suitable for attaching low surface energy (LSE) EMI shields to electronic and electrical devices where high temperature performance (up to 400°F/204°C) is required. Tape 9719 may be used with many types of foil laminate shields to provide a customized shielding solution. This tape may also be used to attach conductive fabric/foam core EMI gaskets to electronic cabinetry. 12 month shelf life. Tape 9719 may be applied in strips or die cut to specific shapes and sizes. Compared to screws or other mechanical connectors, tape 9719 provides reduced assembly time and a solid bond line with no gaps which might result in EMI emission.

3M ID: 70-0000-9389-1

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3M™XYZ-Axis Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape9719 for LSE Substrates and High Temperature Applications

Applications Ideas:

  • Attaching Foil Laminate EMI Shields
  • Attaching EMI Gaskets
  • Grounding Computer Antistatic and Glare Reduction Screens
  • Assembly of EMI Cages in Telecommunications Equipment


Tape 9719 can be removed by separating the parts using torque for rigid parts or peel for flexible ones. Remove the adhesive by pulling off as much as possible by hand. Residual adhesive may be removed by rubbing with your finger or by application of 3M Packaging Tape over the residual adhesive followed by removal of the packaging tape. The surfaces should be cleaned again before applying a new piece of Tape 9719. The force required to separate the parts and/or remove the adhesive can be reduced by softening the adhesive by heating to 158°F - 212°F (70°C - 100°C) or using solvents such as Heptane or Toluene.

**Note: When using solvents, extinguish all ignition sources and follow manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use.

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