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3M™ Bumpon SJ5001 Cylindrical 0.5'' x 0.14'' Rubber Feet Case
3M™ Bumpon SJ5001 Cylindrical 0.5'' x 0.14'' Rubber Feet Case

3M™ Bumpon SJ5001 Cylindrical 0.5'' x 0.14'' Rubber Feet Case

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Dimensions:  0.5'' wide and 0.14'' tall. Expected lead time is ship up to 1 week, usually less.

3M Bumpon Protective Products are pressure sensitive adhesive-backed polyurethane pads that can be used as feet, stops, spacers, and protectors in many applications. The urethane is a durable, resilient elastomer. The aggressive, high-tack, pressure sensitive adhesive is protected with a release liner making application fast and easy. Or we can cut them into pads so you can include them in a end user assembly design.  Each case has 3,000 Bumpons.  Click here to purchase by the sheet.

3M Bumpon Protective Products feature a plasticizer resistant adhesive and urethane composition which exhibits:
-     Excellent skid resistance
-     Long aging resiliency will not crack or harden
-     Abrasion resistance
-     Resistance to marring and staining

Application Ideas
Use almost anywhere slamming, scratching, nicking, scuffing, marring, sliding, vibration, or noise could be a problem, such as:
 -    Feet on the bottom of blenders, desktop calculators, electronic cabinetry, telephones,
 -    Keyboards, foot pedals, scales, clocks, speakers, dispensers, and computers.
 -    Stops for cabinet doors, lids, and drawers.
 -    Spacers for picture frames to provide alignment; for auto glass as an aid in assembly.
 -    Protectors for stacked glass and metal sheets.

Application Techniques
To obtain maximum adhesion surfaces must be unified, dry, and iTapeStore FREE of contaminants. Surface contact is essential to adhesive performance.

To maximize contact on a substrate:
-     Clean surfaces with low strength solvent such as isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). 
-     Apply firm pressure to help increase the cold flow and contact of the adhesive with the substrate.
-     Allow dwell time to increase the surface contact and adhesion.

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