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Organize your Dorm, Office, Rental, Home...
Show off your personality and make decorating and organizing your dorm room easy with 3M™ Command Brand products.  Easily remove to relocate during the year or use again next year in your new room.  Our bundle is exclusive to iTapeStore and was designed by our college students to have the products they felt were most useful in setting up their rooms.
  • Decorating Clips to hang lights, string pictures, hold wires and more... holds up to 80 feet of lights 17026CLR-40ES link   
  • Large Towel Hook - made for wet towels to keep them off the floor BATH17-ES link
  • Medium Utility Hooks and Medium Clear Hooks - hang keys, picture frames, bags, hats and anything else that needs a place. 17001ES link, 17091CLR-6ES link
  • Picture Hanging Strips - large, medium and poster to hang decorations and pictures that will make your room feel like your own.  17206-ES link, 17201-ES link, 17024ES link 
  • Refills - change your mind on where you placed that hook, take it off and try again (or save them to use next year!)  17200CLR-ES link
  • VELCRO® Brand One-Wrap® Straps - tame cords or hair ties with these handy straps. link

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