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6.625" Black VELCRO® Brand Knit Loop 3610 with 19 Adhesive - By the Yard
By the Yard 6.625" Black VELCRO® Brand Knit Loop 3610 with Adhesive - see FREE shipping offer

6.625" Black VELCRO® Brand Knit Loop 3610 with 19 Adhesive - By the Yard

Your Price: $10.84
Part Number:3610_6.625
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  • 1 - 9
  • $10.84
  • 10 - 24
  • $8.67
  • 25 - 99
  • $6.50
  • 100+
  • $4.34
This item is sold by the yard. Order "10" and you will received a 10 yard roll. NOT 10 separate 1 yard strips

VELCRO® Brand Knit Loop 3610

• Low Profile
• Low Cycle Life
• 100% Nylon
• Works well with  VELCRO® Brand HTH 830, and most other VELCRO® Brand Hooks

With a rubber-based, pressure sensitive adhesive backing that’s known as Adhesive 19 VELCRO® Brand is designed for low-energy plastics and substrates; it sticks well to glass, aluminum and other metals as well. This low-profile, VELCRO® Brand has a temperature operating range of -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s ideal for nearly any household or commercial application as long as it’s not exposed to extreme moisture.

Choose between 2-inch, 3-inch and 6.635-inch-wide strips to get what you need for your project. We sell VELCRO® Brand Knit Loop 3610 by the yard, so you can order as much or as little as you’d like.

We can quote on other widths and/ with other adhesives!

See our By the Yard, Pre-Cut Coins, or Straps selections in VELCRO® Brand or forward your dimensions, quantity and material to for an estimate.

If you have questions on our Cut-To-Size Services, contact us at or Customer Service at 888-233-2216.

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