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Low Out-Gassing

Polyonics low out-gassing tapes limit dangerous out-gassing that is critical to manufacturers of specialized electronic devices such as optical devices, hard disk drives, etc. These devices are manufactured or used in high-vacuum environments where even the slightest amount of out-gas can be detrimental to their performance. When materials out-gas, they can leave residue on key components that are sensitive to low levels of deposition. This includes even the tapes used to mask or thermally protect sensitive components of a device. Polyonics tapes meet the low out-gassing requirements of the ASTM E-595 standard.  +Acrylic adhesive - there may be minute amounts of Halogen, due to supplier material issues, until resolved, Polyonics can not certify that it is 100% Halogen free.

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  • 9" x 36 yard master rolls slit to standard sizes!
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