SJ3550 VHB

SJ3550 Pre-Cut Strips

-Sold by the strip
-Up to 3 business days to ship 
-Quantity Discounts
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Works best on surfaces such as glass and unpainted metals
  • Black stems, with white VHB™ adhesive
  • Engaged thickness 0.23"
  • Does not hold up well to prolonged UV exposure

The adhesive on 3M™ Dual Lock™ SJ3550 pre-cut strips lets them be used either indoors or outdoors. They are available in sizes ranging from half a square inch to 4 square inches and are just 0.23 inches thick when engaged. Dual Lock fasteners have hundreds of small mushroom-shaped stems that interlock for a strong connection. SJ3550 pre-cut strips have 250 stems per square inch and can be used with Dual Lock fasteners with 250, 400 and 170 stems per square inch. Buy either single strips or mated pairs and get big discounts from iTapeStore when you buy in bulk.

If you need another size or shape, forward the dimensions and quantity to for an estimate.