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Thermal Management - Heat Sink

Thermally conductive interface materials from 3M, whether double-sided tapes or pads, provide a clean, simple and easy-to-use solution for securing components such as heat sinks in electronics.
These tapes and pads are designed to conduct heat efficiently while still providing a long-lasting and secure bond. Instead of using pastes that are messy or difficult to install, use one of the many sizes of double-sided thermally conductive tapes available through the iTapeStore. 

These tapes contain thermally conductive ceramic fibers and do not need a heat cycle to form a strong bond. Just apply pressure and they are ready to do their job of transferring heat between heat-generating components and heat sinks or other cooling devices. A variety of sizes and thicknesses are available and discounts are available for bulk orders. When you need to fill gaps between components and cooling devices such as heat sinks without a strong bond, the 3M thermal pad provides a simple solution.