Double Sided Tapes

Electrically Conductive Double Sided Adhesive Tapes2xtape-350.png

3M™ XYZ-Axis ECATT 9719 is a double sided, isotropically conductive pressure sensitive tape which conducts electricity through the thickness (the Z-axis) and the plane of the adhesive (X, Y planes) and is suitable for low surface energy substrates.


  • Silicone version of Tape 9713
  • Isotropic XYZ-axis electrical connectivity
  • Performs well at elevated temperatures for short periods (up to 400 Degree F [204 Degree C])
  • Improved adhesion on LSE materials versus Tape 9713 (Such as silicone based EMI gaskets, etc)
  • Lower R non-woven conductive scrim vs. 9712
  • Can be applied in strips or die cut to specific shapes & sizes
  • 7" Double Sided Tape by the Yard
  • 1" or 2" Double Sided Tape by the Roll
  • Other widths or cut parts - email with the dimensions and quantity for pricing