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What is hook and loop and why do I need both of them?

If you look at a hook and loop fastener (known commonly by its most well known manufacturer, VELCRO® USA) closely you will see that there are two distinct parts. The hook, or hard/scratchy side is just that, a series of tiny hooks. The loop or soft/fuzzy side provides a place for the hooks to grab hold, giving you the closure you need. There are some possible exceptions. For example some people will only need hook if they are attaching to a loop-like fabric (e.g. carpets, cubicle walls).

What do you mean by cycle-life?

Cycle life is the number of times you can engage and disengage the fastener before it loses over 50% of its original strength. The cycle life will vary depending on the quality and design of the fastener, as well as how you use it.

What is the short answer for the difference between rubber and acrylic adhesive?

Generally: rubber adhesive sticks and reaches full strength quickly, lasts for a shorter time and is cheaper. Acrylic adhesive lasts much longer, provides a stronger bond, takes 24 hours or more to reach full strength, and is more expensive.

What does "Kiss cut" mean?

Kiss cut means that the parts are die cut all the way through to the liner, but the liner is not cut. So if you have 250 coins, they end up in a roll with a continuous liner holding them together, as opposed to 250 individual pieces in a bag.

What are Coins?

Coins, dots, circles all refer to the same idea: Dual Lock or Hook & Loop fasteners cut into a round shape.

Mated vs. Single?

Mated refers to either Dual Lock or Hook & Loop engaged together. For example if you have a mated strip of hook & loop, you have one piece of the hook and one piece of the loop pressed together. Single is just one side of the hook or loop, or one piece of Dual Lock without the matching piece to complete the fastening. Purchasing this way makes it easier to apply each side separately.

What is a pressure sensitive adhesive?

A pressure sensitive adhesive is an adhesive the requires some sort of force, whether a hand, or a roller, to activate the adhesive.

Conversion Chart

Feet to yards Divide number of feet by 3 1 yard = 3 feet
Inches to yards Divide number of inches by 36 1 yard = 36 inches
Inches to feet Divide number of inches by 12 1 foot = 12 inches