Packaging Tapes and Dispenser

Get professional results at an economical cost with 3M packing supplies from iTapeStore. Start with 3M Scotch Box Sealing Tape, available in 60-yard rolls and a width of 1.9 inches. This packaging tape is appropriate for sealing or repairing packaging and provides consistent adhesive grip. Scotch Box Sealing Tape has been proven in multiple environments and applications.

Discounts are available for larger quantities. For even simpler use, add a lightweight and economical hand-held dispenser for tapes up to 1.9 inches wide, such as the Scotch Box Sealing Tape. The dispenser helps you quickly and efficiently seal or repair cardboard boxes. Another packaging option is the Scotch Filament Tape 898, an extra-strong packaging tape reinforced lengthwise with continuous glass yarn filaments for increased tensile strength. The adhesive provides long-term holding power, so your packages will stay secure. The tape is transparent and comes in 60-yard rolls that are 0.94 inches wide.