- Fabric Fusion & Sticky Back for Fabrics

Whether you are creating clothing, fastening a tent or sleeping bag or working with on another fabric that requires an easy-to-use fastener, you will love VELCRO® Brand Fabric Fusion tape. This tape creates a permanent bond between two pieces of fabric that can withstand rigorous washing and everyday wear and tear. Fabric Fusion actually gets stronger with washing, so it's great for creating no-sew clothing, costumes and more.

Since it is backed with an extremely strong adhesive, VELCRO® Brand Fabric Fusion tape is ideal for fabrics that are thick or tough to sew. This iron-on fastening tape is perfect for soft materials, such as cotton, polyester and fleece, as well as more sturdy materials, such as suede, denim and canvas. Similar to VELCRO® Brand sheets for fabric, Fusion Tape is available in 0.75-inch width strips that are 5 feet long. That way, you can cut the exact amount you need to customize your project.

The ultimate in convenience for quick fabric repairs or customizationpeel the paper release liner from the back of the VELCRO® Brand fastener, position on the fabric and press firmly. Done!