- VELCRO® Brand Molded Hook 511 (MVA #8) Rolls

VELCRO® Brand Hook 511 (MVA #8) Molded

When you need a super-strong, very low-cycle life hook material that has heavy-duty fastening capabilities, you need VELCRO® Brand Hook 511, which is formerly known as MVA #8. This molded hook fastener is available with and without adhesive, making it the perfect choice for many light-duty applications.

The VELCRO® Brand Hook 511 without adhesive in our inventory can be affixed to most fabrics to provide an efficient, low-density closure. It’s available in 1-inch width, so it’s easy to tuck away within the folds of a garment, on the backs of fabric panels and in other hidden locations. We also carry MVA #8 with VELCRO® Brand Adhesive 72, a water-based acrylic with medium tack and moderate moisture resistance. It can be used on other acrylics, aluminum, glass and more to provide you with the fastening power you need in many situations. Our VELCRO® Brand Hook 511 is available in 25-yard rolls, so you can customize your own length without being forced to patch small strips together.