Polyonics Tapes

Graphic of Polyonics company logo
Polyonics is a renowned manufacturer of high performance, custom film, tape and label materials used by specialty die-cut converters worldwide. Founded in 1995, and ISO    9001:2008 registered, Polyonics strategically designs single and double coated polyimide, polyester and aluminum films for the extreme temperatures and harsh environments found in the electronics, automobile, aerospace and medical industries.  Click here for their product selection guide, our product comparison tables are in sub-categories and click a product for a data sheet.  Acrylic adhesive - there may be minute amounts of Halogen per the manXT-637, ufacturer Polyonics and they were not certifying that it is 100% Halogen free.  By special order - XT-620, XT-625, XT-625FR, XT-679, XT-701, XT-707, XT-722
36 yard master rolls slit to standard sizes!
(slit rolls may contain splices)
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Please note Polyonics discontinued most tape products October 2021.