- Low Profile - HTH High Tech Hook By the Yard

VELCRO® Brand High Technology Hook (HTH) is a low profile molded hook fastener, which means it is thinner than standard hook that is ideal for both household projects & commercial applications. iTapeStore has a huge inventory packed with hundreds of yards to meet your needs. The VELCRO® Brand High Technology Hook (HTH) is recommended for use with VELCRO Brand knit low profile loop 3610.

HTH Data Sheet

  • 72 Adhesive: Acrylic based Indoor/outdoor, adheres to substrates such as stainless steel, aluminum, glass, paper, nylon, polyester. Avoid LSE plastics such as polystyrene, acetyl
  • 19 Adhesive: Temperature/moisture resistance range is between 15 and 72, will adhere to most surfaces (other than vinyls long term). A little higher cost than 15. Best "all purpose" option
  • 15 Adhesive: Rubber based adhesive recommended for indoor use only. Will adhere to most surfaces, avoid vinyls and glass

*Hook & Loop Sold Separately*