- Low Profile - HTH High Tech Hook By the Yard

VELCRO® Brand High Technology Hook (HTH) is a low profile, molded hook fastener, which means it is thinner than standard hook and is ideal for both household and school projects as well as business and commercial applications. iTapeStore has a huge inventory packed with hundreds of yards to meet your needs. The VELCRO® Brand High Technology Hook (HTH) is recommended for use with low profile VELCRO Brand Knit Loop 3610 that we stock.

HTH Data Sheet

  • 72 Adhesive: Acrylic based Indoor/outdoor, adheres to substrates such as stainless steel, aluminum, glass, paper, nylon, polyester. Avoid LSE plastics such as polystyrene, acetyl
  • 19 Adhesive: Temperature/moisture resistance range is between 15 and 72, will adhere to most surfaces (other than vinyls long term). A little higher cost than 15. Best "all purpose" option
  • 15 Adhesive: Rubber based adhesive recommended for indoor use only. Will adhere to most surfaces, avoid vinyls and glass

*Hook & Loop Sold Separately*