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Lock down situation window covers. We have classrooms with windows next to them. For a lockdown situation we needed the windows to have a covering. We cut black felt the size of the window frame and stuck squares of the loop side of Velcro to the top close to the window and the bottom of the window. Next we attached the felt to the Velcro (just push the felt onto the hook type Velcro) then added another square above the felt. Roll up the felt from the bottom and stick it to the top square. Now the felt is ready to unroll at a moment’s notice. - Karen
I had been searching for smaller Velcro dots - just the hook side. I work at a non-profit call center and we are always hanging up motivational signage up on the cubicle walls. I found that the “hook side” will adhere to the fabric on the cubicle walls...but found myself wasting the unused loop size. When I came across your website, I found that I could purchase the just the hook side in various quantities at a reasonable price.- Connie R
I've used these strips before and continue to use them for bundling cords to all my appliances versus using a tie or rubber band. This particular batch I bought to use as a brace for some really wide roller blinds that tend to sag in the middle over time. I screwed the strip into the center of the window frame above the blind and it holds the blind up when not in use. - Ed & Sharon N.