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VELCRO Brand Adhesives Guide

VELCRO® Adhesives Guide for Hook & Loop Fasteners

Generic Rules:

Rubber based adhesives

  • Typically have good initial tack, and reach their full strength relatively quickly. This is important when you need to have the full use of your VELCRO® as quickly as possible.
  • Indoor only as they are susceptible to strong temperatures, UV and moisture.

Acrylic adhesives

  • Typically take a longer time to set (72 hours), but typically have a greater bond with the substrate.
  • More resistant to moisture and can withstand a greater range of temperatures than rubber adhesives.
  • Acrylic adhesives also tend to not break down over time

Specific VELCRO® Brand Adhesives

VELCRO® Brand Adhesive 72
  • Water Based Acrylic
  • Moderate Tack - medium set up
  • Full Bond Strength in 24 hours
  • Fairly good moisture resistance
  • High Strength
  • Temperature operating range: -20° to 225°F (apply at room temperature)
  • Substrates: ABS, acrylic, aluminum, ELPO (painted steel), glass, polyester ridged vinyl
  • Not recommended on HDPE, LDPE, plywood, polypropylene, flexible vinyl.
VELCRO® Brand Adhesive 15 - Known in consumer packaging as Sticky Back
  • Rubber Based
  • Aggressive - high tack - quick setting
  • Achieves 80% bond strength in about an hour; full strength in 30 hours
  • Temperature operating range: -40° to 120°F
  • Recommended for most room temperature applications
  • Poor Moisture resistance
  • Substrates: HDPE, LDPE, plywood, polypropylene, Urethane TPU Film
  • Not recommended on glass and any vinyl.
TEXACRO® Brand Adhesive 32
  • *Low Cost*
  • Rubber based
  • Aggressive - high tack - quick setting
  • Temperature operating range: 0° to 120°F
  • Recommended for most room temperature applications
  • Avoid moisture
  • Will adhere to most surfaces, though with less strength that sticky back
  • Avoid Teflon and vinyls
VELCRO® Brand Adhesive 19 Standard Hook & Loop, HTH Or Knit 3610
  • Rubber-based pressure with broad temperature range
  • High tack - quick setting
  • Achieves 80% bond strength in about an hour; full strength in 30 hours
  • Temperature operating range -40°F to 185°F
  • Designed for low energy plastics, substrates such as polyethylene and polypropylenes, will adhere to most surfaces though
VELCRO® Brand Adhesive 75 (not stocked, but we can order for you)
  • Water-based acrylic adhesive
  • Formulated for vinyl substrates.
  • Moderate tack - medium set up
  • Full bond strength in 24 hours
  • Temperature operating range -20°F to 230°F
Solvent Activated Adhesive 40
  • Non-Tacky, requires solvent to bond
  • Not for the inexperienced
  • Very permanent bond formed
  • Typically activated with MEK or Rf sealing
  • 24 Hours at room temperature to reach full strength
  • Operation temperature of this adhesive is -40° to 250°F
RF (dielectric) or Ultrasonic Activated Adhesive 43
  • Activated using ultrasonic and dielectric (RF) machinery, iron-on heat, or other common heat generating equipment
  • Will bond to a wide range of fabrics and plastics and has excellent water resistance
  • Ultimate bond strength is achieved in 24 hours
  • Adhesive temperature operating range -40° F to 160° F

BE CAREFUL. Make sure to follow all manufacturers safety precautions As always for best results make sure surfaces are thoroughly cleaned before applying any adhesive. Citrus cleaners are not recommended for any VELCRO® adhesives. Ideally adhesives are applied at room temperatures with low humidity. VELCRO® adhesives are not recommended for submersion in water or on substrates with high levels of plasticizers. They cannot be washed or dry cleaned