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3M™ Dual Lock™ SJ3540 Indoors
Sale! By the Yard or Roll 3M SJ3540

3M™ Dual Lock™ SJ3540 Indoors

Your Price: $5.85
Part Number:SJ3540

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Quantity Pricing - By The Yard
  • 1 - 5
  • $5.85
  • 6 - 24
  • $4.97
  • 25 - 49
  • $4.21
  • 50 - 99
  • $3.22
  • 100+
  • $2.98

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  • Black Stems with rubber based adhesive backing
  • Adhesive backing is general purpose, will adhere to most surfaces. Avoid fabrics and vinyls
  • Suggested indoor use only
  • Multiple yard orders combined into rolls
  • Type 250 (250 stems/inch) Mates to 250, 170 and 400
  • Engaged thickness 0.25"
  • This product comes UNMATED. Therefore if you order 10 yards, it equals 5 yards of fastened material.

SJ3540 Series Data Sheet

3M™ Dual Lock™ SJ3540 has mushroom shaped heads that snap together when pressed to itself and SJ3541, SJ3542, SJ3550, SJ3551, SJ3552 and SJ3560. This product is a "Type 250" which means it has around 250 stems per square inch. It will "mate" to itself and 

3M™ Dual Lock™ Type 170 and Type 400. When mating to Type 170, there will be less of a grip, with 400, it will be tighter. Most applications that will work the Type 250 has the added ease of only having to keep track of one "Type" of Dual Lock. You can identify it by the plain white backing (called liner by the industry), with a dark grey, almost black foam adhesive under the liner. The foam has a rubber based adhesive that should only be used for indoor applications. It is your best option if you are trying to adhere to powdered paint and wood. This adhesive will perform poorly on car dashboards. Please make sure to test your specific applications as the information provided is only a general guideline. 3M ID: 70-0705-2105-2     UPC:0-00-21200-65811-2

More Dual Lock™ options are available to meet your needs. See our Pre-Cut Strips and Coins pages!

Cut-To-Size Services: Shapes, strips or circles, forward dimensions and quantity to for an estimate.

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