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Are you using a primer? Eliminate this step with new LSE high bond tape!

Posted by Colleen Dikert on 6/25/2020 to Using 3M Products
Are you using a primer?  Eliminate this step with new LSE high bond tape!
The newer plastics and composites are being designed to meet industry demands that trend for lighter and less expensive materials with high performance. However, you may have experienced that the new LSE plastics, such as polypropylene (PP), thermoplastic olefin (TPO), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) as well as carbon fiber-reinforced (FRP) and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) composites, have a common issue - they have been notoriously difficult to easily and cost effectively achieve a strong bond. Additional steps are necessary to bond, such as purchasing and applying noxious chemical primers, adhesive promoters or send out of plant for corona treatment or ultra-sonic welding. This group of plastics and composites are categorized as low surface energy (LSE) and are difficult to bond to without a primer,

3M has engineered a double sided foam tape that is an easy use, fast applying and cost effective, peel and stick solution for bonding plastics and composites without primer – the 3M VHB LSE Series.  3M VHB™ product line, which means’ very high bond,’ was introduced in 1980.  Like all 3M VHB tapes, the LSE series are a durable closed-cell, viscoelastic acrylic construction and designed to resist exposures to temperatures, UV light, moisture and solvents.

LSE Series - Designed Benefits

  • Bond without chemicals like primer
  • Immediate handling strength for faster    assembly
  • Outdoor use resisting hot, cold and cycling temperatures
  • Seals against environmental conditions
  • Allows for thermal expansion
  • Initial high tack at lower temperatures
  • Conformable
  • Available in case rolls or pre-cut to size

3M VHB Advantages                      

  • Ability to pre-tape parts
  • Bond dissimilar or even delicate materials
  • No messy bond lines - screws, bolts, welds
  • Durable closed cell, acrylic construction
  • Viscoelastic absorbs stress and energy
  • Seals out water, moisture and more
  • Resists UV light, solvents
  • Decrease assembly time
The white, double sided, acrylic foam tape is available in 3 thicknesses – 0.6 mm (LSE-060WF), 1.1 mm (LSE-110WF) and 1.6 mm (LSE-160WF).   The 3M VHB LSE Series is available in case rolls or can be cut assembly-ready into strips, multiple piece pads, washers and shapes with helpful extended liners and tabs at  Reach out to us for more information on 3M VHB products for your project or when ready, send us your drawing or dimensions with quantity for pricing to [email protected] or call 888.233.2216. #DieCut  #3MVHB

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