E-A-R™ ISOLOSS™ LS Foam 20 Durometer, Roll

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Just added!  E-A-R™ ISOLOSS™ LS Foam LS-20xx has a durable low compression set, high energy absorption, effective vibraton isolation, low-outgassing, high internal strength, consistant compression force deflection and chemical resistance, meeting several flammability requirements as well as a broad range of temperature performance.

  • All-purpose cushioning, polyurethane foam
  • Very soft modulous, easily compressed foam 
  • Density, Durometer 20 lbs/ft³ LS-20xx (xx=thickness)
  • Thickness 0.03'' - 0.25''
  • Width 54''
  • Length 80 ft - 300 ft
  • Color  Black
  • Listed as Gasket & Seal Material UL File #MH17135
  • Made in USA
  • This product is foam only - NO adhesive
  • Contact us with your requirements to get pricing on adding adhesive on 1 side or both
  • Contact us with your dimensions to get pricing on laser or die cutting or slit to width
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Contact us at sales@iTapeStore.com for more information or about other ISOLOSS™ LS Foam durometers/densiities available - 10, 15, 25

Need your foam with the right adhesive? ...for indoors or harsh environments? ...for difficult bonding surfaces like powder coated paints, many composites and some plastics? ...thin or thick?

Let iTapeStore.com know the specifics and we can add an adhesive to the ISOLOSS™ Foams on 1 side or both as well as laser and die cutting.  Just forward your product number, the application  environment and bonding surface detials, part dimensions and quantity to sales@iTapeStore.com for pricing.


  • Applicance gasketing
  • Buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR)
  • Equipment and component mounting
  • Gap filling
  • Gasketing
  • Impact absorption
  • Light-duty sealing
  • Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
  • Padding
  • Seals in NEMA boxes
  • Shock absorbing
  • Tail light sealing
  • Vibration damping

Interested in adding adhesive, slitting and laser or die cutting?  For pricing, just email sales@iTapeStore.com with the product, your dimensions and quantity.

  • LS-2019,  0.19'' x 54'' x 100',  PN 7100229558,  UPC 0051111909904,  173 lbs,  Case L 60'' x H 21" x W 20''

We can give you pricing on the other 20 durometer ISOLOSS™ foams below:

  • LS-2003,  0.03'' x 54'' x 300',  PN 7100219934,  UPC 50051111908308
  • LS-2006,  0.06'' x 54'' x 300',  PN 7100219861,  UPC 50051111908292
  • LS-2009,  0.09'' x 54'' x 225',  PN 7100229559,  UPC 00051111909898
  • LS-2012,   0.12'' x 54'' x 160', PN 7100219860,  UPC 50051111908285
  • LS-2025,   0.25'' x 54'' x  80',  PN 7100219859,  UPC 50051111908278

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Sold By
Full Roll
No Adhesive
0.125" - 0.250"
Wide (4"+)
Compression Set Resistance
Density / Durometer
10 lbs/ft³
Product Attributes
Low Outgassing