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3/4'' X 25 Yard VELCRO(R) Brand ONE-WRAP(R) Rolls for Fiber Optic Cables
VELCRO(R) Brand ONE-WRAP Rolls for Fiber Optic Cables at iTapeStore

3/4'' X 25 Yard VELCRO(R) Brand ONE-WRAP(R) Rolls for Fiber Optic Cables

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The new VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® for Fiber Optic Cables are offered in orange, aqua, violet and yellow and match main cable jackets to enhance cable identification and installation. 3/4'' wide material can be easily cut with a good pair of scissors. This material has hook on one side and loop on the other allowing it to fasten to itself! VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Rolls is your solution for controlling bundles of wires, cords, or packages. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Rolls can be opened and closed hundreds or times and adjusted for any size.  Replaces plastic zip ties. Buying by the roll allows you to cut whatever length you need.

NOTICE: 1. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Rolls for Fiber Optic Cables are available in other widths and roll lengths. Email [email protected] with your width and quantity.  2. We can Cut to Size!  Forward dimensions and quantity to [email protected] for pricing. 

3/4'' x 25 yard roll part numbers:

Mimosa: Part Number: 126886 (30958)
Hot Pink: Part Number: 126927 (30968) 
Teal: Part Number: 126937 (30978)
Orange: Part Number: 176067 (31065)

-Green and Adamia (purple) - inquire at [email protected]

-3/4'' x 200 yard roll - inquire at [email protected]

-1/2'' x 25 yard roll - Orange link

- 1'' x 25 yard roll - inquire at [email protected]

Application Ideas: Fiber Optics, Cord & Cable Management, Toys & Games, Sporting Goods, Packaging, Medical Devices, In-Plant Maintenance, Appliances, Automotive, Recreational Accessories, Wire Harnesses, Novelty Programs.

See our By the Yard, Pre-Cut Coins, or Straps selections in VELCRO® Brand!

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