The VELCRO® Brand Rapid-Strap® Kit:  Allows you to adjust straps to any length you need without sewing! This versatile system lets you attach the hook tip and D-ring onto the loop strapping using the unique double hook grip fastener.

The VELCRO® Brand Rapid-Strap® system includes:
5 yards of sewn (3008 DFL) Double Faced Loop (Better tensile strength than the laminated DFL)
5 yards of Laminated (DFL) Double Face Loop (A little more comfort for braces)
10 double hook grip tips (HTH 845)
10 double hook D-rings (HTH 845)

Making a Strap is as fast as 1, 2, 3!
1. Cut the loop material to length
2. Secure the tip on one end of the loop strapping
3. Finish the strap by engaging the D-ring fastener to the opposite end of the loop strapping.
It's that easy!