3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Stick for Plastic 3764

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3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Stick for Plastic 3764

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Stocked.  Multiple cases and pallets will have to be ordered from the manufacturer

- Excellent adhesion to many plastics, specifically poly-carbonate, polyethylene and polypropylene
- 154 sticks = 1 Case = 11 pounds
- Medium open time and a medium viscosity. 
- 100% solids thermoplastic adhesive stick
- Color: Clear
- 30 second ''open time''
- Viscosity at 375°, 5500
- Ball & Ring Melt Point: 188°F/87°C
- Heat Resistance: 135°F/57°C
- Peel Strength at 72°F/22°C: 14
- Sheer Strength at 72°F/22°C: 375
- Good impact resistance and remains flexibility at low temperature.

These 3M Hot Melt glue sticks are designed to be used on plastics such as polycarbonate, polyethylene and polypropylene to provide a lasting bond that remains flexible at low temperatures and provides impact resistance. These 12-inch by 0.45-inch clear thermoplastic adhesive sticks are best applied with the 3M™ Applicator AE for precise results and ease of use. The melting point is 188 degrees Fahrenheit (87 degrees Celsius) and viscosity and open time are rated as medium.  Huge discounts are available for bulk orders of these hot melt adhesive sticks, up to a full pallet.

3M ID: 62-3743-9531-7or 7000000885

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