E-A-R™ 3M™ ISOLOSS™ LS Polyurethane Foams - Just added!

ISOLOSS™ LS Polyurethane Foams are durable, fine-celled, low compression-set, high density foams, offering impressive design features for your energy control problems including low out-gassing operating in a wide range of environments and temperatures.  

ISOLOSS™ LS Polyurethane Foams are manufactured with 1015, 20, 25 density/durometer and 0.03'' - 0.50'' thickness range.  iTapeStore.com can supply you with any density and thickness.  The current lead time to ship is 2 weeks or sooner on most products, dependent on quantity.

Need your foam with the right adhesive? ...for indoors or harsh environments? ...for difficult bonding surfaces like powder coated paints, many composites and some plastics? 

Let iTapeStore.com know the specifics and we can add an adhesive to the ISOLOSS™ Foams on 1 side of both as well as laser and die cutting.  Just forward your product number, your environment and bonding surface details, part dimensions and quantity to sales@iTapeStore.com for pricing.

ISOLOSS™ Features:

-Low compression set

-Highly shock absorbent

-High durability

-High energy absorption

-Effective vibration isolation

-Low out-gassing

-High internal strength

-Chemical resistance

-Flame resistance

-Broad operating temperature range

-Gasket & Seal Material UL File MH17135 listing

-RoHS compliant

-Made in USA

-Density, Durometer links - 10, 15, 20, 25


Consider ISOLOSS™ Foams for applications such as electronic device vibration damping, shock absorbing pads; medical equipment protection; industrial gasketing, gap filling, padding and sealing applications.