-Soft PORON® 4701-40

Rogers Corporation PORON® microcellular polyurethane soft foam 4701-40 is considered 1st for gasket design in sealing and vibration management applications due to the wide range of compression performance needed in portable electronics, aerospace, automotive and more.  PORON® 4701-40 has excellent dimensional stability, is highly durable and maintains integrity in lengthy temperature fluctuations.  Standard available thickness ranges from 0.031'' to 0.50'', densities 15, 20 and 30 lb/ft³ and typical compression force deflections of 5, 11 or 25 psi. 

Data Sheet

We order direct from the manufacturer so just let iTapeStore know the thickness and density needed for pricing.

Need adhesive on 1 side or both?  Custom slitting, or die cut?  Forward dimensions and quantity to sales@iTapeStore.com for pricing.