3M™ Dual Lock™ SJ3872 Outdoor, Black

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2'' wide black, Type 170, interlocking stems with a black, modified acrylic, pressure senstive adhesive backing

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Black, interlocking stems with a black, modified acrylic, pressure senstive adhesive backing

  • SJ3872 Type 170 fastens with Type 250 and 400
  • UV and good temperature resistance up to 140°F (60°C) - Lower temperature max than standard acrylic adhesives but higher than rubber based adhesives
  • Indoor/outdoor uses
  • Bonds well to a variety of substrates including powder coated paints, metals and plastics such as ABS, acrylics, polycarbonates
  • Standard roll size: 45 yards unfastened
  • This product comes UNMATED (10 yards ordered = 5 yards of fastened material)
  • MOQ 45 yards of 2" wide.  3M also has cases of 3/4" wide rolls that we can order for you. We can slit 2" to 1" wide.

Data Sheet

More general 3M™ Dual Lock™ information including type combinations can be found in our Guide and more 3M™ Dual Lock™ options are available - see Pre-Cut Strips and Coins pages!

Cut-To-Size Services: Need strips, shapes or coins? Forward your dimensions and quantity to Sales@iTapeStore.com for pricing.

3M™ Dual Lock™ SJ3872 has mushroom shaped heads that snap together. This product is a "Type 170" which means it has approximately 170 stems per square inch. It will "mate" to Type 250 and Type 400. It has black stems with 3M's black, modified, high bond adhesive backing. SJ3872 adhesive bonds well to plastics and can deal with outdoor conditions. The modified acrylic adhesive provides the "quick stick" quality of rubber adhesives and the durability and versatility of acrylic adhesives.  Country of origin USA.

*Please make sure to test your specific applications as the information provided is only a general guideline.*

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